World’s Highest Bungy Jump 764 ft@

Macau Tower Bungy 764 ft – The World’s Highest Bungy Jump certified by Guinness World Records. Imagine catching a lift to the top of a giant Sky Tower and watching the monitor flick through floors almost faster than you can count – 60 seconds later you’ve arrived at the observatory deck 764 ft high.

If you care to take in the view from this level it’s truly breath taking. Once you have made it onto the jump deck area, you’re briefed and then taken to the edge where it’s all up to you! After leaning off and past that critical point of no return a euphoric sensation engulfs your body as you instantly realise you’re committed!!!

With this commitment comes speed, as you rocket past the tower at close to 124 mph. The free fall is over 6 seconds and before you start to rebound back up you will be within 98 ft of the ground – Smile for the camera, and wave to your mates!

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