About Me

[frame_left][/frame_left] The technology behind digital photography has evolved incredibly over the last few years and has encouraged many like me to aim for excellence, despite a limited knowledge about this art.
I have always used Canon Powershot camera equipment, starting with a Powershot S60 back in the middle 2000s. A journey of a thousand miles
must begin with a single step
Lao Tzu
I now use a Powershot G12 as my main landscape camera, a PowerShot SX40 HS for distant wildlife photography and a PowerShot D20 to explore the underwater beauty. Compact digital cameras are a good choice for travel. As an amateur photographer and globetrotter I have travelled extensively throughout the world.
Earth conceals amazing Treasures such as sightseeing spots, hotels, restaurants, stores, events… Through my images, I desire to encourage others to explore our amazing planet. Each Treasure in my blog is associated with an external source (such as Wikipedia) to keep The aeroplane has unveiled for us
the true face of the earth.
Antoine de Saint Exupéry
the selection neutral, instructive and independent. Treasures are geolocalized and displayed on a World Map especially useful to discover new destinations. A Planet Mosaic is also There are no foreign lands.
It is the traveler only who is foreign
Robert Louis Stevenson
available with all my favorite pictures to give a different approach of discovering some new Treasures. The combination of archaeology, history, and geography has always fascinated me. I grew up with the Indiana Jones trilogy and I still have a boyhood fantasy of wanting to be Indiana Jones! Does anyone ever dream about travelling around the world and having adventures through secret jungles and enchanted fortresses? David Roberts‘ lithographs and Jules Verne‘s books have also shaped widely my childhood. Every week I publish new Treasures on this blog to help any globetrotter to discover new places to visit. Enjoy the pictures, the selection of my world’s favorite places and the Treasure Hunt game to win amazing prices!