Port Vell Aerial Tramway

Port Vell Aerial Tramway starts at the Miramar station situated halfway down the hill of Montjuïc at an altitude of 187 ft, passes through the peak of Torre Jaume I which is 351 ft high and ends at the top of Torre Sant Sebastià at 282 ft, from where an elevator descends to the streets of Barcelona.

The tramway makes a short stop at Torre Jaume I, allowing passengers to wander around the platform of this tower which was the world’s highest aerial lift pylon until 1966, when the Glacial Aerial Tramway Kaprun III was opened.

The aerial tramway was intended to be an attraction at the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition, a World’s fair. The aerial tramway was built by Bleichert, at that time a company with a worldwide reputation which had just completed the Aeri de Montserrat. However, the size of the project was underestimated and the aerial tramway was opened only on 12 September 1931.

Source: Wikipedia
Official Website: telefericodebarcelona.com
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