Camino Real Puebla Hotel

The colonial aspects of architecture that give form to the patios and rooms allow one to appreciate the exquisite design from which they were constructed. The stonework, stucco and mortar give form to each arc, each fountain and each vault that can be enjoyed today in its nearly original state.

Leonardo Ruíz de la Peña, the parish priest of Xonotla in the mountains north of Puebla, got the idea of founding a religious order other than the one already there: “… after being humbled on his horse, barely escaping with his life from a river in spate during a storm, he swore an oath to the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception to erect the most beautiful convent of its time”. He moved to the city to start work on the project.

The order was evicted from the convent in 1861by a presidential decree issued by Benito Juárez. That year it was occupied by the Eastern Army before and after the Battle of Puebla, which took place on May 5, 1862. During the 20th century it suffered a series of occupations and in the end was dispossessed of the property once and for all. The convent was rediscovered in 1988 by a group of investors who undertook an admirable restoration, giving it the form we recognize today as Hotel Camino Real Puebla.

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