Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve

Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve is a nature park and UNESCO World Heritage Site (inscribed in 1983) located on the island of Praslin, Seychelles. It consists of a well-preserved palm forest made up of the endemic Coco de Mer, as well as five other endemic palms.

The Coco de Mer has the largest seeds of any plant in the world; the leaves growing up to 19 ft wide and 46 ft long. Also unique to the park is its wildlife, including birds such as the rare Seychelles Black Parrot, mammals, crustaceans, snails, and reptiles.

The Seychelles Black Parrot, Praslin Parrot or Kato Nwar is a sombre-coloured, medium-sized parrot endemic to the Seychelles. It is usually treated as a subspecies of the Lesser Vasa Parrot, though it is sometimes considered a full species. It is the national bird of the Seychelles.

Source: Wikipedia
Photo Credit: Mikael

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