Frankfurt Business District

A central business district (CBD, also called a central activities district) is the commercial and often geographic heart of a city. The term CBD or Central Business District is the central district of a city, usually typified by a concentration of retail and office buildings.

The term city place is similar to CBD in that both serve the same purpose for the city, and both are marked by a higher-than-usual urban density as well as often having the tallest buildings in a city. City centre differs from downtown in that the latter can be geographically located anywhere in a city, while a city centre is generally located near the geographic heart of the city.

Central business districts usually have very small resident populations. For example, the population of the City of London declined from over 200,000 in the year 1700 to less than 10,000 today. In some instances, however (and particularly in large Australian and Canadian cities), CBD populations are increasing as younger professional and business workers move into city centre apartments.

Source: Wikipedia
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