Iyaonsen Ryokan

At the Iyaonsen Ryokan, guests can take the cable car to the open-air bath at the bottom of the ravine. It takes about 5 min. to reach the open-air bath, which is about 558 ft below the ryokan.

You will travel slowly down a cliff declivity of 42°C, enjoying a panoramic view of the Iya Valley. The open-air baths, separated by gender, are constructed so that they protrude into the torrent of the Iya river. Water at 39.3°C pours at 1500 litters/min (2000 t/day) from the springhead. The floating sulphur deposits turn the water a murky white, but this is just proof that the waters flow directly from the springhead.

The evening meal is served kaiseki-style and is prepared using seasonal ingredients from the mountain,including freshwater fish such as sweetfish and trout and wild plants such as bamboo shoots and ferns. We hope you will enjoy the fruits of the season as you enjoy the seasons themselves. (Sample menu) Starter Sashimi Appetizer Marinated seasonal vegetables Grilled dish Freshwater fish grilled with salt Fried dish Tempura of seasonal vegetables and wild plants One-pot dish Seasonal vegetables and chicken in a soy-based broth Regional specialty Iya noodles In total, the meal includes 13 dishes, including rice and a seasonal dessert.

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