Simply Butterflies Conservation Center

TSimply Butterflies is founded on butterfly conservation principles. To protect and strengthen the natural environment of the butterflies, through plant research, breeding and releasing. Bohol, like much of the Philippines, has a great diversity of butterflies. The center is helping to raise the butterfly population, and bring money into the local economy while doing so.

There are about 300 species of butterflies found in Bohol and over half are found at Simply Butterflies Conservation Center. By educating the people and sharing knowledge of how to breed butterflies, the center has built a community of paid breeders in an area with serious lack of employment and income. These breeders work together with the center to ensure butterflies used at the center or the butterfly products that are exported from the island are made from sustainable hand bred sources, not captured from the wild causing damage to the butterfly population.

The center also increases the area’s butterfly population by releasing a calculated large number of hand bred butterflies into the wild, only using the surplus for making products to sell.

In our area there is still so much to be learnt about the rare butterfly host plants. If the catching of rare butterflies continues, without any studies into their host plants, the result of loss of species in the area through illegal poaching and deforestation is to be expected.

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