Clara Agua

Agua Azul Waterfall Protection Area is in the Northern Mountains in the municipality of Tumbalá. It is located in an area locally called the “Mountains of Water”, as many rivers flow through here on their way to the Gulf of Mexico.

The rugged terrain encourages water falls with large pools at the bottom, that the falling water has carved into the sedimentary rock and limestone. Agua Azul is one of the best known in the state.

The waters of the Agua Azul River emerge from a cave that forms a natural bridge of 98 ft and five small waterfalls in succession, all with pools of water at the bottom. In addition to Agua Azul, the area has other attractions—such as the Shumuljá River, which contains rapids and waterfalls, the Misol Há Waterfall with a 98 ft drop, the Bolón Ajau Waterfall with a 46 ft drop, the Gallito Copetón rapids, the Blacquiazules Waterfalls, and a section of calm water called the Agua Clara.

Source: Wikipedia
Photo Credit: Mikael

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